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Top Takeaways From The Science of Marketing, Part 2

The Science of MarketingAs I wrote about in my previous blog post, Dan Zarrella’s new book, The Science of Marketing, is a treasure trove of interesting and useful statistics that focus on how people behave online, along with the ways you can apply that information to your own digital marketing strategy.

In my first blog, I wrote about more general takeaways plus a few tips around content. In this second post, I focus on Twitter and Facebook.

Conversation on Twitter does not build reach.

If you want to reach more people, the best thing to do is gather and share as much relevant and interesting content as possible. It will get retweeted. Also of note: The people with the most followers tweet around 22 times a day.

Tweet links to get retweeted.

Accounts that post 60% to 80% links tend to get the most retweets. More than that looks spammy.

Use guru in your Twitter bio.

Seriously. People who use the word guru in their Twitter bio have about 100 more followers than the average account.

Get the most likes on Facebook in the evenings on weekends.

The highest number of likes on Facebook occur Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 5pm and midnight. Incidentally, photos get the most likes.

Get the most shares on Facebook with very sort or long posts.

If you want your posts to get shared, publish very short, text-light posts or long posts. Again, photos get shared the most, and the optimal time to get shares is in the evening, but during a shorter time frame: 4pm and 6pm.

Certain types of questions get more comments.

Because Zarrella found that question posts get the most comments, he looked at types of questions. Should, would, which, and who questions came out on top. How questions came in dead last.

Food references affect fan count.

Now, THIS is interesting: Zarrella found that certain guilty-pleasure type food words were correlated with pages that had above-average likes. Those words are: Ice cream, milk, chocolate, and sugar.

Which takeaway will help you most with Twitter or Facebook?

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