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Using an Answering Service to Help Grow Your Business

Answering Service for Small BusinessDo you need help answering the phone when you’re busy taking care of customers? If so, then you might want to consider an answering service to help you field and triage incoming calls. With trained professionals available throughout the day—and during nights and weekends—an answering service can help you eliminate the risk of unanswered phone calls, which could mean the loss of new customers or repeat business.

In a recent article on the Solid Cactus blog—a service—Katrina Domkowski explains how an answering service can keep customers and prospects happy by responding to basic questions about your business, scheduling appointments, and providing quotes and estimated turnaround times.

Check out the article . . . and find out how an answering service can help grow your business.

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    1. I used live answer service for years.
      I tell EVERYONE in my classes how important it is to have a live voice.

    2. Vivian,
      I’m glad you’ve had such a good experience using a live answering service.

      What course do you teach? If you or your students are ever interested in using our high-quality, USA-based answering service, please give me a call. We have services starting as low as $20 per month.

      Donna at Solid Cactus

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