Video for You, Video for Your Business
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Video for You, Video for Your Business

Smile, you’re on camera

I attended a talk a few weeks back about Women’s Leadership and Influence in the business world. The talk was inspiring, but what hit me the most was reinforcement to the power of using video for your business.

The speaker, Selena Rezvani, recommended using video to record oneself and then watch the video to clearly see how others see you.

Videos don’t lie.

Video for the Business Owner

As business leaders, we want to portray a certain image to our peers. Yet, because we cannot see ourselves, we do not truly understand how we communicate with others. Recording ourselves gives us a truly objective view of our verbal and non-verbal communications.

Video for the Business

Now, let’s take that a step further. As a business owner, you may think you are doing a good job running your business, but how do you know for sure? Subordinates will not give you an objective view.

How do you paint a clear picture of how you are running the business?

Use video to take inventory of your business processes.

Video is not just a tool to educate others, but can be a valuable tool to educate and inform oneself. We understand the power it holds to persuade, to communicate, and to draw emotions out of others.

I challenge you – why don’t we turn that video on ourselves?

Take a step back. Record yourself. Record your daily business operations.

I’m sure you will uncover things that you did not see before.

Share the results with me and with others around you!

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Image: Judy Baxter via Flickr, Creative Commons

Stacy Yamaoka is an entrepreneur, online marketer and web video innovator. She spent her early career in Los Angeles and New York City at agencies that include Ogilvy & McCann. After four years on Madison Ave., Stacy left the online marketing world to pursue her passion for entrepreneurship with businesses that include Marry Me Live and Yayastream. When not doing web video, you might find Stacy advising start-ups and small to mid-size businesses on marketing strategy. To learn more about Stacy, visit her blog at  or contact her on Twitter.


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  1. I agree video is extremely useful in business. Not only can it be used as an educational too but a powerful marketing tool as well. I’d like to recommend this article with a great infographic on the power of video marketing.

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