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[VIDEO] Mobile Marketing for SMBs: Research from Web.com and MarketingSherpa

Small Business Mobile Survey from Web.comHow can small and medium-sized businesses benefit from mobile marketing? In his video interview with Daniel Burstein of MarketingSherpa, Aman Devgan, VP of Marketing at Web.com, discusses the results of the Small Business Mobile Survey recently sponsored by Web.com.

Aman highlights two of the key findings from Web.com’s survey:

  • 84% of small business owners have seen an increase in new business from their mobile marketing efforts.
  • 69% of small business owners consider mobile marketing crucial to their growth in the next 5 years.

The research from MarketingSherpa reinforces the interplay between mobile search and local search. As Daniel points out:

  • 95% of smartphone users search for local information, but only . . .
  • 37% of businesses have listings on search engines for mobile search.

So what does Aman recommend for small business owners interested in mobile marketing?

  1. Set aside a budget for mobile marketing.
  2. Identify which mobile marketing elements you’d like to implement (such as a mobile-friendly website).
  3. Work with a partner who understands your challenges and has expertise in mobile marketing.

Have any questions? We’ll ask Aman for his advice.

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