Follow Us: employees teaming up to support the 110 With Donna!! #JAX

There is excitement at the HQ in Jacksonville, FL!  A team of 22 runners from all areas of the company, will be participating in the “110 with Donna” that is taking place the weekend of February 16-17, 2013, just about 4 weeks away.

The 110 with Donna is a relay race individuals or corporate teams with 10 or more runners per team who collectively run 110 miles throughout the beaches community, from Ponte Vedra Beach, to Jacksonville Beach, Neptune and Atlantic Beaches.  The 110-mile event concludes with the 6th Annual 26.2 with Donna National Breast Cancer Marathon - the only marathon in the U.S. dedicated solely to raising funds to FINISH breast cancer.  One hundred percent of raised funds and race proceeds for all 26.2 with Donna events go to breast cancer research and care.

We are pleased to introduce the team and are looking forward to cheering and supporting their efforts for a good cause.

  • Anthony Bennett
  • Belma Blekic
  • Jennifer Buchanon
  • Peter Choe
  • Jodi Craft
  • Edward Gefen
  • Betsy Hardin
  • Heidi Harrington
  • Justin Leedy
  • Jeff Neace
  • Andrea Masters
  • Alyssa Richardson
  • Kathryn Rossi
  • Jonathan Tenenbaum
  • Katharine Sandelin
  • Joanna Schneider
  • Jackie Sekula
  • Sachin Tehran
  • Julie Ward
  • Joel Williamson
  • Mike Young
  • Erin Young

In addition to running, having an awesome time together, each runner has committed to raise funds to meet’s fundraising goal of $10,000.  We are very excited to have this opportunity to give back to the local community in this way.  Please visit our company team page and select any team member’s name to make a donation.  After just a few days, has raised just over $1,000!

Stay tuned for more updates as we draw closer to race day.  Thank you for helping us FINISH breast cancer!

Editors Note: About the author :

A friend of mine asked me to train with her to run a marathon because it was a goal she had. I agreed with hesitation but was at point in my life when I had recently made a major career transition and told myself, “what the heck, why not?” That was 6 years ago when I began training and the Inaugural 26.2 With Donna National Breast Cancer Marathon in 2008 was my very first marathon. And, I have been running ever since.The 26.2 with Donna Marathon is especially meaningful, as my mother is a breast cancer survivor of 17 years and I run this marathon in celebration of her and all survivors, those who are currently fighting this disease and for those who have passed on from this disease.

I run because I can, I run because I choose to run, I run for those who cannot run and I run for those who don’t run but just don’t know they want to yet!

Join me in the fight to FINISH breast cancer!

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