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Web.com Hits the Links with 10-Year PGA TOUR Sponsorship

Web.com TourWeb.com this morning announced some very exciting news. We’ve signed a 10-year contract with the PGA to become the title sponsor of the newly renamed Web.com Tour. Previously the Nationwide Tour, the Web.com Tour will serve to identify and transition players who are ready to compete and win on the PGA TOUR.

The Web.com umbrella sponsorship takes effect immediately with this week’s United Leasing Championship at Victoria National Golf Club near Evansville, Indiana, and extends through 2021. In addition to the umbrella sponsorship, Web.com will also become an Official Marketing Partner of the PGA TOUR, Web.com Tour, and Champions Tour.

Web.com has seen rapid growth of its business in recent years by helping small businesses do the same, and by partnering with the PGA to sponsor the Web.com Tour will continue on this path.

“This sponsorship is a perfect fit for us—Web.com is committed to helping small- and medium-sized businesses compete and succeed, just as the Web.com Tour helps talented, dedicated athletes maximize their potential and fulfill their dreams,” Brown said. “We believe that the professionalism and competition of PGA TOUR golf resonates most strongly with business decision-makers, making the national and international exposure we gain with this sponsorship an unparalleled opportunity to reach more of our target market.”

In becoming an official marketing partner of the PGA TOUR, Web.com joins the ranks of companies like Avis, Coca-Cola, FedEx, John Deere, and MasterCard. The Web.com Tour will increase our national visibility and connect us with even more small- to medium-sized businesses looking for online solutions.

Now, this is a hole-in-one! To join us in celebrating this exciting news, follow @WebdotcomTour on Twitter and share a tweet using the hashtag #WebdotcomTour.

Here’s the link to our press release.

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