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Web.com Introduces MasterPass Digital Wallet Services for E-Commerce Customers

Fast, convenient checkout service has long been a critical component of commerce, especially true for online marketers. Shoppers often must endure cumbersome processes requiring the registration of payment and shipping information that gets even trickier when attempted from mobile devices. Today, Web.com, one of the world’s premier champions of small business is helping its vast network of online merchants improve the checkout experience for their customers by enabling MasterPass™ digital wallet services on its customer websites.

The new product, developed by MasterCard, provides shoppers the ability to safely speed through checkout in-store or online with the simple click of a mouse, touch of a tablet or tap of a smartphone. The new service will not only allow shoppers to go cashless, but now, “cardless” by securely storing payment and shipping options. There are no fees for MasterPass™ services, nor for integration of the technology into Web.com’s customers’ online stores. MasterPass™ will not replace other payment methods, but simply be another option for shoppers.

“We’re all about helping our small business customers succeed online­- helping them to differentiate themselves and deliver the shopping experiences that consumers demand,” said Jason Teichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Web.com.  “This intelligent, easy-to-use solution provides maximum convenience for shoppers, which translates into increased conversions and customer loyalty for our own merchant customers. By leveraging our resources and partnership with MasterCard, we’re leveling the playing field for small businesses, who would likely have found it difficult to deliver similar functionality by themselves.”

Sara Toole

Sara Toole

Sara Toole is the Director of the Small Business Forum. She has a wide range of experience, from marketing and project management at the world's biggest companies to running a marketing agency for small businesses.
Sara Toole


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