Follow Us: Small Business Tip of the Day: Available 24/7?

You know your customers and when they want to be contacted. And if you don’t, and you text them at the wrong time, you’ll soon find out. According to the 2013 Decision Dynamics study by Doremus, New York, and the Financial Times, 69 percent of global executives do not turn off their smartphones at night or on weekends, and 68 percent do not turn off their smartphones while on vacation. Given this info, if you target C-level execs, it’s important to think carefully about how you send messages to your clients and prospects, how long your emails are and when you send texts. Don’t make emails too lengthy, since execs are most likely reading the message on their smartphone. When texting, be aware of how time zones affect when your client will receive your message. No one wants to be remembered for texting someone at 3 a.m.

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