Follow Us: Small Business Tip of the Day: What Comes First: The App or the Mobile Website?
Happy Young Italian Couple using Digital Tablet and Mobile Phone

If you’re worried you haven’t made the time to create your own app for your business and you feel like you’re missing out on sales, don’t stress about it. New research shows that while apps support a brand’s strategy, only 27 percent of consumers claim to commonly download an app when prompted to do so online. Customers are far more likely to use mobile-friendly websites for brand interactions than to download a brand app. In fact, a whopping 76 percent of respondents said they would not engage in a brand website that was not optimized for mobile, and 32 percent of those consumers would not return to the website at all, preferring to either give up or try a competitor’s website instead. The lesson? If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, get that taken care of first before you create an app.

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