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Website SEO: Link-Building Myths and Illuminating Facts (Part 2)

SEO Link BuildingYou can’t have a valid discussion about search engine optimization (SEO) without addressing link building. As I said in my post on Monday, there are many recommended tactics being promoted online, such as submitting your site to numerous directories, including a link to your site in blogs, and avoiding paid links at all costs. You might have also seen or heard mention of the following:

Myth: You should only link with sites that have a high PageRank™.

Reality: PageRank is a solid metric for determining how reputable a website is, but keep in mind a site’s PageRank is determined by a third party (i.e., Google™) and can be a bit out of date, and newer sites may be receiving a great deal of traffic but still might be too new to have acquired much PageRank. Look for sites that have a higher PageRank than your own, but also research sites that receive ample traffic each month and that have a good reputation in your industry. Personally contacting the site owner, pitching your site and any incentives to them, and encouraging them to shine the spotlight on your site can result in not only rankings value, but in more traffic to your site and more visibility in your industry!

Myth: Having tons and tons of links will surely send my rankings straight to the top.

Reality: Wouldn’t it be easy if we could buy 100 links through a paid link broker and instantly surpass our competitors who only have the budget for 50 paid links? SEO certainly isn’t that easy! Search engines analyze the quality of each link pointing to your website, so invest your time into pursuing websites that have a good reputation in your industry, have ample monthly traffic levels, and will place your link in a spot visitors will actually see! Those are the links that matter.

An effective link-building campaign involves a great deal of time and research, and with the proper know-how and the help of the right team of experts, you really can carve out a successful link-building strategy for your website. The easy route rarely pays off, so stay away from those link-building wives’ tales and invest your energy into the real link-building story!

From all of us at’s family of companies, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Great article. Link building is one of the techniques in SEO that needs to be mastered, along with keyword choice and content writing. Competitive link building will definitely produce great results for a website.

    2. “PageRank is a solid metric for determining how reputable a website is.” This is not true.

    3. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your comment regarding PageRank. I agree that PageRank should never be the sole success metric of an SEO campaign, but it also shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re looking for a site to link with and you notice that the site is an older, established site with a low or nonexistent PageRank, that could send up a red flag that the site is engaging in spammy tactics or not being regularly updated—simply a site that you don’t want to be on! PageRank is just one of many indicators that show how reputable a website is. Of course, newer sites will have a lower PageRank, and that’s fine, as they’re only beginning to gain a solid reputation.

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