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What Are Consumers Spending on This Summer—and How Can You Get Your Share?

What will consumers be spending money this summer? Travel tickets and hotel rooms, according to a new study from Burst Media that found more than half (53.7 percent) of U.S. adults plan to take a vacation this summer. Planning ahead, more than half (51.1 percent) of those who say they’ll vacation have already started making arrangements such as buying tickets and booking hotels.

But even Americans who aren’t traveling this summer will be spending on “staycations.” One-third of respondents say they’ll enjoy a staycation rather than traveling. Staycations are popular among all income segments, and saving money isn’t the only reason Americans are choosing them (in fact, about 28 percent of those who have planned a vacation are also planning a staycation).

Top reasons for taking a staycation include:

  • The desire to save money (43.1 percent)
  • The need to catch up with projects around the house (32.2 percent)
  • Family/kids activities and obligations (31 percent)
  • Plans to visit local sites or engage in local activities (22.1 percent)
  • Do not want to travel (12 percent)

What do these results mean to you?

  • If you sell travel-related products or services, the time is now to capture vacationers’ dollars. Consider advertising on online travel sites, particularly those that feature video. The study found at least one-third of respondents regularly watch travel videos online when making plans; those under 34 were most likely to do so.
  • If you don’t sell travel-related products or services, cater to staycationers by considering their reasons for staying at home.
  • Advertise on sites or in publications that feature local tourist attractions, restaurants and cultural activities. You’ll attract locals who are planning to see these sights.
  • Promote home-improvement products or services so you can capture the customers who are working on their homes or gardens this summer.
  • Emphasize the value of your products or services to appeal to consumers who are staying home to save money.
  • Focus on the family aspect of your products and services, and how they’ll provide enjoyable summer family activities, create family memories, increase togetherness, or save time so purchasers have more time to spend enjoying their families…and summer.

For more ideas, download the full “Plans and Preferences for Getting Away This Season” Online Insights report.

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Karen Axelton

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