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According to The Boston Consulting Group, Millennials (defined in this study, as those born between 1980 and 1996) spend a whopping $1.3 trillion a year—and most of them aren’t yet at the peak of their purchasing power!

By 2030, BCG predicts, U.S. Millennials will outnumber Baby Boomers (78 million to 56 million). Considering how influential (and profitable) the Baby Boomers have been for businesses, the idea of an even bigger consumer market should have you rubbing your hands together in glee.

In this ebook, we’ll give you insights, tips and ideas for capturing these key consumers as they form the shopping habits that will shape their lifetime purchasing behavior.

Table of Contents
  • Who Are the Millennials?
  • Get Inside the Millennial Mind-Set
  • What Do Millennials Do Online?
  • Social Spurs Millennial Purchasing
  • How to Reach Millennials With Email Marketing
  • Who Do Millennials Trust?
  • Want to Attract Millennials? Start Being Real
  • What’s the Deal?
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