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What Leads Are the Most Valuable?
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What kinds of leads are the most valuable to B2B marketers—and what information do marketers wish they had that they aren’t getting from leads? A recent poll by Business.com sought to find out. Overall, content marketing tactics seem to generate the most valuable leads for B2B marketers, reports the survey of 500 SMB marketers, Small Business Pulse Report: 2013 Lead Generation Insights. Specifically:

  • More than half (51 percent) of respondents say that leads generated from the publication of whitepapers are valuable or extremely valuable.
  • Next most valuable were leads from sponsored email and case studies; 38 percent of respondents say these leads are valuable or extremely valuable.
  • More than one-third say leads from online video (35 percent) and hosted webinars (34 percent) featuring their company or products are valuable or extremely valuable.

However, marketers admit that there’s some valuable data that they often don’t get with leads. The most useful information they would like, but frequently don’t get, is the buyer’s time horizon to purchase (51 percent). About three in 10 (30.5 percent) say it would be extremely valuable to know the buyer’s company size (as measured by number of employees); 29 percent say it would be extremely valuable to know the buyer’s industry type, and 20 percent say it would be extremely valuable to know his or her job title.

What else would help B2B marketers do their jobs better when it comes to managing leads? More than four in 10 (42 percent) of survey respondents are very interested in learning more about “hot transfers,” or connecting companies with leads immediately when they come in, while 60 percent are very interested in lead scoring, which assigns each lead a score based on the likelihood that following up will generate a response.

What does this information mean to your business?

Content marketing is clearly a high-value activity for B2B marketers. If you’re not already doing content marketing, it’s time to start. The high value of the leads content marketing generates makes it worth the additional cost in time and effort. Focus on the content marketing activity that yields the most results for you, whether that’s online video or whitepapers. Save time by multipurposing content—for instance, you can break the findings of a whitepaper down into several blog posts, then do a video of yourself talking about the same information.

Figure out which information about leads would be most useful to capture. Yes, there’s a fine line you might cross if you ask for too much information (no one wants to fill out lengthy forms or share too much detail about themselves online). That said, if there are one or two key pieces of information that would help your sales reps with followup—such as those mentioned above—try working them in to your contact forms and see what results you get.

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Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

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