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Why Aren’t People Opening Your Marketing Emails?

You’re sending out lots of marketing emails, but are they getting opened? It’s easy enough to view your email analytics to see how many emails are opened, but harder to pinpoint the reasons why emails aren’t getting opened. Here are some questions to consider that will help you get to the root of the problem—and improve your email open rate.

  1. Have you recently gotten a lot of new email subscribers? If so, look at where they came from. Sometimes an ad campaign, trade show event or other marketing push will yield a large number of subscribers, but those subscribers may not be high-value prospects who are likely to act on or open the emails. For example, people may sign up for your emails if that’s required to win a trade show prize drawing, but then never open the emails because they don’t really care about what you sell.
  2. Are you segmenting your mailing lists? Don’t send the same messages to longtime subscribers as you do to brand-new subscribers. New subscribers need to be “warmed up” with welcome messages and introductory offers. Subscribers who have become inactive may need to be nudged with extra-strong offers to get them to act once again.
  3. Are your messages serving up properly? If lots of your subscribers check their email on mobile devices, they may have problems viewing the emails correctly. If graphics or other elements don’t render properly, people may start just deleting your emails without bothering to open them. Always check to see how your emails look on multiple platforms and devices to make sure they’ll work for everyone.
  4. Are you sending the same types of emails and offers over and over? If you always repeat the same types of offers, customers get bored and are less inclined to open your emails. Keep it fresh by mixing up your campaigns. Frequently try new subject lines, offers and content. Use testing to see which types of emails get the best open rates.

Keep in mind that while open rates are important, they aren’t the biggest measure of your email marketing campaign’s success. More important than how many people open your emails is how many people take action based on them. Fewer opens can be OK as long as those who do open the emails take actions such as contacting you for an estimate, purchasing a product or requesting product information. Keep open rates in perspective as just one part of your email marketing measurements.

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Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky

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