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Why Online Retailers Need To “Think Green”
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Are you targeting “green” consumers in your marketing? You should be. More than 50 percent of U.S. online adults identify themselves as “green” consumers, according to a Forrester report that surveyed over 4,500 Internet users. The study found these consumers—a whopping 90 million Americans—are either “interested” or “very interested” in purchasing environmentally friendly products or buying from companies that are involved in environmental initiatives.

The study divides consumers into four different types with various attitudes toward green products and services. While 38 percent of U.S. Internet users are “green,” there are also 13 percent that are categorized as “super green.”

About eight in 10 (79 percent) of green consumers have bought something online in the three months prior to the survey; these shoppers spend an average of $1,808 online every year. However, super-green consumers are even more active in purchasing online, spending an average of $3,422 online each year spread over almost 40 online purchases. In other words, they buy something online almost once a week.

Not only are they buying more, they’re also willing to pay more. Some 38 percent of green consumers say they will spend more for products that are environmentally friendly or from companies that support green initiatives. Among super-greens, nearly two-thirds (63 percent) say the same.

So how can you capture these affluent consumers who are frequent online shoppers and big spenders? The report advises online retailers to improve their environmentally friendly initiatives to stay competitive. Here are some ways you can convey your green-friendliness:

  • Make sure you’re not just “greenwashing” your business. For example, if your product is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, but is packaged or shipped in wasteful packaging, there’s a big disconnect that consumers will quickly pick up on. It’s crucial that commitment to green values be carried throughout your whole company.
  • Share your commitment to living green. Let consumers know what steps you’re taking to help the environment. Explain your green efforts on your business website, on social media and in all of your marketing materials.
  • Reach out and help. Get involved in green organizations by sponsoring organizations, donating money or giving your time. For example, you could sell a certain product on your website and donate all of the profits to a green cause, or hold a sales event where a percentage of all sales for the week go to a green cause. Make sure you promote the donations, telling customers what you’re doing and how their online purchase benefits the planet.

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Rieva Lesonsky

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