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Will Google’s Wave Be a Fave for Small Businesses?
2 October 2009

Google WaveWhen Google™ speaks, people listen.

When Google spoke this week, what they said (and did) promised to change the way we communicate. At least that’s the way it seems, given the buzz that Google Wave has been generating since the search engine giant announced its imminent arrival in May. The introduction of this enhanced, real-time communication platform is being marketed as no less than “email . . . the next generation,” but it’s so much more. It rolls email, project management, and assorted social networking and media tools all into one big, happy Web application.

At the moment, it’s easier to get your hands on an “invitation” to a Kardashian sister’s wedding than to get “an invitation” for an account. But while the learning curve for the Wave promises to be great (what isn’t these days?), it’s worth looking into. We’ll have more to come on Google Wave’s potential for helping to improve the way you do business, but until then, Greg Sterling’s write-up of cool extensions is worth a peek.


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