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Will You Tell Us Who You Are?

You visit us.

You read us.

You talk to us.

You tweet us.

But so often you stay hidden behind a computer screen, or a comment, or a tweet.

Not intentionally, we know… ‘cos that’s just how the Interweb works.

And we’d love to know who you really are.

So will you help us?

Just give us a few minutes to learn more about you by taking this quick survey.

What we hope to learn is:

  • What tools you use for social media
  • How you use social media tools to interact with Network Solutions
  • How you, as a small business, use social media

This will help us provide you with a better experience as we go forward.

Again, the survey can be found right here.

And if you’d help us spread the word through Twitter and Facebook, we’d love that too!

Here are a couple of quick 140 character friendly sentences to get you started:

Take the Social Media Audience Survey from Network Solutions!

Network Solutions Social Media Audience Survey Wants to Hear From You!

Thank you!

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