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With Haiti and the Economy, It’s Our Perspective That Matters
10 February 2010

Haiti Relief EffortsIt’s been a tough past year for small businesses. . . . Sales have been down because of the recession, costs have remained the same, and business owners have faced tough decisions. It’s never easy to face issues centered around our security; they tend to strike us right at the core of our well-being.

Security issues are the kind that keep us up at night and induce unhealthy behaviors (such as the intake of too much sugar, caffeine, etc.) in an attempt to feel better. Worrying about our future security—especially security for our family—is one of the most stressful concerns that exist.

And then there’s Haiti. I don’t know if you’ve watched “Helping Haiti—Everybody Hurts,” the video that’s being circulated and sold as a single in an attempt to raise money for the relief efforts. The images are heartbreaking. It’s difficult to imagine that so much human suffering exists just off our southern shores. Set to REM’s anthem for universal heartache, the video is difficult to watch, but worthwhile. It may make you reflect upon your own situation . . . and feel just a bit blessed during these times.

At Web.com, we’ve raised thousands of dollars to date for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund, and one of our employees, Nicole Challberg, led the initiative. Rebuilding Haiti is a process that will take time—just like the process of rebuilding our economy in the U.S. But with a steadfast commitment each day and the knowledge that it’s always darkest before the dawn, we can all rest a little easier knowing that there’s compassion in the world . . . and that we’re not alone.

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