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Women Grow Business Community Interviews: Tara Rethore (@trethore) Part Two

This is part two of our interview with Women Grow Business Community Leader Tara Rethore, CEO of M. Beacon Enterprises.

Tara is a leader in our Women Grow Business community. As CEO of M. Beacon Enterprises, Tara works with mid-sized businesses to develop strategic priorities at multiple levels and solve complex problems. You can contact her directly on Twitter or LinkedIn. You can find part one of our interview with Tara here.

Tara Rethore

Part Two of Our Interview with Tara Rethore

Here’s part two of our three part interview with Tara.

How do you use technology in your business?

I use technology to initiate connections and stay abreast of what’s going on. It’s great for a quick check-in or to save travel time. It does not replace the need for human connection; it’s a facilitating tool.

How do you use social media to help your business grow?

I use SM to increase visibility, share ideas, and reach a broader audience. I demonstrate what I know in the way that I speak, the articles or insights I share, and the way I interact with people online.
I am very mindful of my digital presence and careful to think in terms of what interests my clients (or target audience) and where my clients are (on SM) rather than what is the latest and greatest, cool, technical or social thing.
I adapt my style to suit the SM tool – being both a person with a life and a professional business woman as appropriate. I also use SM to connect with communities for insight, help, and information; that’s what I like about the #WGBiz communities. I’m not a SM guru. But I use SM actively and deliberately.

What are your favorite small business resources or tools?

I love HootSuite or other SM scheduling tools. It’s easy to get wrapped up in SM – or to let days go by without being visible online. Scheduling tools help me be both efficient and effective online.

For knowledge and insight, I regularly read HBR, Fast Company, the McKinsey Quarterly, and the Financial Times. These aren’t small business tools; they are just good business and in my field.

My favorite small business resource is my Advisory Board. It’s less formal than others’ (or what Marissa Levin would recommend), but it works – largely because I regularly and proactively reach out to my advisors with specific questions or updates on what I’m doing.

How did you recover from your biggest business-related failure, and what did you learn?

My biggest business-related failure was in taking a role without fully understanding the objective or what it would really take to be successful in that. I let my ego get in the way (a nice promotion, great title, etc.) It wasn’t a great fit for me – and in fact, it took a bit of time and distance to understand exactly what I learned from the role, including both its benefits and what I needed to avoid.

These days, I ask more questions and really investigate what’s “behind door #1” before jumping head first into something that sounds cool or is flattering. I can separate the nice feeling of having been asked from the reality of whether I’m really the right person for the task.

I also think more in terms of two questions:

  1. Can I do the job/project?
  2. Do I want to do the job / project?

Those answers can be very different – and highly illuminating!

Tomorrow we’ll continue with the conclusion to Tara’s interview. In the final installment we talk about:

  • Her favorite tools for the business of running a business
  • Tara’s secret to staying constructive
  • What Tara has learned from success in business

 If you’re an active Women Grow Business community member and would like to be featured here, answer the questions posted in our Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook and Web.com communities. Until then, Happy Independence Day to all our readers in the United States!


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