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Women Grow Business Round-Up
18 August 2012

The Women Grow Business community blog is hosted by Network Solutions, a Web.com company. Every week we’ll bring you a quick update of our news for entrepreneurs and executives, often created by, for or with women in business and top female executives.

Women Grow Business Summer Events

This summer we’ve had the privilege of having three wonderful guests for our once a month Women Grow Business Twitter chats on – to which all entrepreneurs and business executives are welcome, naturally.

(We’d love to see you at the next one by the way – if you sign up on our Eventbrite page, we’ll remind you as each free online event you sign up for approaches.)

In June our guest expert was Sally Falkow, a 30 year public relations professional and one of the earliest PR professionals to successfully integrate blogging and social media into PR. She taught us “How to Get People to Care About Your News”.

July brought us Amy Vernon, digital strategist, the top female Digg submitter of all time, and the General Manager of Social Marketing for Internet Media Labs. She shared tips on Creating and Maintaining Genuine Connections in Social Media.

In August guest expert Sarah Robinson showed us how to get started building a fiercely loyal community. We’ll have a summary of the chat available early next week.

You can find our more about the authors, and how to reach them on Twitter, from our Twitter chat summaries and announcements on the Women Grow Business blog.

More Business Advice from Women Grow Business contributors

The eWomen Network had their 12th Annual conference this year in Dallas. Somehow, despite her hectic schedule, the day before the conference, co-founder Sandra Yancey found the time to grant us an interview. Among her pearls of wisdom were three tips to help business owners to get to the next level.

Our regular contributors provided us with valuable guidance as well. Joanna Pineda told us how a few simple phone calls often turn out to be the most important part of her month. Mayra Ruiz McPherson walked us through a case study of how a local business achieved national media coverage through precise targeting. Shannon Mouton expressed the importance of knowing when – and how – to take a short break.

From Libby Wagner, we learned the ins and outs of influencing commitment on a team. And Thursday Bram made excellent suggestions for us all to take personal responsibility for getting more women speakers on conference panels.

Pictures were published from a local DC book-signing of Marketing In the Round. We also began a weekly list of resources for Women in Business that includes news from active community members, as well as recent updates from around the web.

That’s all we have this time – see you next week! Don’t forget to subscribe to Women Grow Business via email on our home page, follow us on Twitter, or join us on our Facebook page.


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