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Women in Business Interviews: Public Relations Expert Vanessa French (@VanessaFrench)

Vanessa French

Yesterday we had  Vanessa French, founder and lead strategist of Pivot Point Communications, as our special guest expert, leading our Twitter discussion on digital PR and how to use it to grow your business.

Today we’re bringing you part one of a two part interview Vanessa did with us just a few days ago.

Women Grow Business Interviews Public Relations Expert Vanessa French

Why did you become a small business owner?

Coming from big and mid sized agencies and a stint in-house, I was tired of working in environments that come from a place of no. I wanted to call the shots and come from a place of yes.

What’s the most critical step you took in order to grow your business?

Bringing on my business partner Casey Kincheloe. She is the design part of Pivot Point. In this day and age your messaging and copy needs a visual component. Partnering with her allowed us to convey our messaging in visually appealing way.

Vanessa French, Today's Guest Expert

What makes your company different from other companies?

Everyone thinks they are different — what makes us different is our passion for creativity. That includes not only the design but the copy and technology as well.

Share what you’ve learned from your biggest success in business.

Be a shark. Don’t take it for granted and always be looking for the next big success — it doesn’t last.

How did you recover from your biggest business related failure, and what did you learn?

When you own your own business it is just so hard to not take things personally.

Write up a list of what worked, what didn’t and how it won’t happen again.

You have to focus on the things that are working and appreciate the good. The end analysis is that you can’t think that is this end of the road. Things just do get better — more opportunities do happen.

Tomorrow we’ll continue with the final part of Vanessa’s interview. Return to hear from her about:

  • Her mobile and local marketing advice
  • How Vanessa uses social media to grow her business
  • Vanessa French’s productivity tips
  • Women Business Leaders who inspire her
  • A tip on dealing with difficult customers
Vanessa French is the founder and lead strategist of Pivot Point Communications. Now in its fourth year in business — Pivot Point Communications is a boutique creative communications firm located in the DC. Pivot Point specializes in integrating new media into traditional marketing and public relations campaigns.


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