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Women In Business Interviews: SEO and Blogging Expert Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty recently joined our Women Grow Business community as the lsst guest expert for the Twitter version of our monthly chat with women in business.

She’s a self-funded online entrepreneur, founder of MyBlogGuest.com and co-founder of ViralContentBuzz, who started her first project 4 years ago.

Ann  is founder of MyBlogGuest.com, a free community of bloggers giving blog owners access to high-quality pre-edited content. Ann was also Editor-in-Chief of a top search engine industry publication, Search Engine Journal, as well as a columnist at SEOmoz.

You can learn more in our recent profile of her, and you can reach her on Twitter and Google Plus.

Women Grow Business Interviews Ann Smarty


Why did you become a small business owner?

I got pregnant and fired within one month. I decided I’ll depend on myself..

What’s the most critical step you took in order to grow your business?

I understood that I could not handle everything myself, so I started relying on a team. My first partner was Sana and we’ve grown a great team since then. I still think our team is the best thing that happened to my business.

What has been your biggest success in business so far? How did it happen? What did you learn?

MyBlogGuest was funded from my services for two years. Now it’s big enough to fund our all team and all the other projects we are developing. And we have lots of them – from ViralContentBuzz LABS to the stock photos for bloggers. My biggest lesson was: “If you really believe in the project and LOVE creating it, crew the competition, difficulty and lack of time. You’ll take your niche.”

What advice do you have for fellow women business owners?

My business and my kid were born the same year. I guess the biggest conclusion out of it: “Don’t wait until you have enough time. You’ll never do. Just do it!”

How do you use social media to help your business grow?

The nature of my business is that it’s very social. We connect authors to publishers: we ARE social media of its kind. So we are utilizing lots of social media channels as they are all relevant.

How do you use content marketing to help your business grow? Our readers will find links to examples helpful if you have them.

I am a huge believer in content re-packaging because it lets me reach out to varied channels.

We re-package Google Hangouts into podcasts and courses. And anyone can re-package content that they publish outside of their blog as guest posts.

Thanks for the interview, Ann!

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