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Women in Business Tip: Does Working Weekends Actually Help Your Work-Life Balance?
Mother working at home

A recent article on discussed the issue of working weekends and whether it can help maintain work-life balance. If you’re laughing at the presumption that working on a weekend is actually a choice and not a necessity, you’re not alone. Although a survey from the American Psychological Association’s Center for Organizational Excellence found men were more likely than women to report doing work-related tasks like check messages over the weekend, entrepreneurs in general are more likely to work on weekends than are wage and salary workers, according to American Time Use Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s likely the availability of tech tools helps blur the lines between work and home for small business owners, but the AMA survey found respondents used tech tools give them more work flexibility and to positively affect their work and relationships. As far as home life, women seem to be better than men at not letting working on the weekend negatively affect their families. Maybe working on the weekends can be a good thing, after all.

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