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Women in Business Tip: How Millennial Women Shop
Girls With Shopping Bags

Are you a female Millennial (women born between 1980 and 2000)? If not, you may be wondering how you can relate to and market to this key consumer group. The Pew Research Quiz “How Millennial Are You?” will give you some insights into the Millennial mindset. Then take a look at recent research that reveals three key ways to reach female Millennial shoppers. First, Millennial women spend an average of at least an hour a day online and love to use coupons, so make sure you’re sending coupons through email or text messaging. Second, female Millennials consider themselves “trendsetters” and are willing to pay a premium to be the first to own a new product, so make sure you know and heavily market your USP (unique selling proposition).  Last, but not least, female Millennials are social shoppers whose purchases are influenced by what their social networking friends are buying, so make sure your products and services have a good rep on social media. 

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